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Introduce Stuffs area

How to access stuffs?

  • Make donation by click on button above.
  • After made donation you will redirect back here. If success you will auto login
  • Login with: Username is your paypal email and Password is paypal transaction id.
  • If you want to change password, plz contact to me by your paypal email.

Why donate?

  • Everything i must to buy: Hosting, domain,...
  • I will update so much tools, tuts for donators :)
  • I spent my time for this :D

With one time donation, you will get

  • Download photos without watermark 1000px + high resolution
  • No captcha anymore
  • You can get more images per time.
  • Increase limit download per day
  • Use full features of stuff area


  • No spamming!
  • Do not share your account


  • Stuffs sometimes not working properly, pls contact to me if have any problem.
  • With shutterstock: Auto remove facebook sometimes disable. Token sometimes no auto refreshing. So you can contact to me or try use own facebook token. Sorry about that!


  • New chrome extension!

    Hello, Im comeback after holidays :) Already update chrome extension. Pls download and help me test it.
    I will find bug others stock photo and update soon. So busy now :(